Stitch from Stash January

It’s time for the first Stitch from Stash report! I can happily say that I haven’t spent a single cent on stash this month. (No thanks to you, favourite ONS that’s clearing out Dinky Dyes cottons at half price… why do you tempt me?!)

I showed you my two big WIPs for this month last post, so here’s the littlies from my stash I’ve been stitching on. I haven’t made any progress this week on my big WIPs either, thanks to the heatwave. Five days straight over 40C/104F? Bleh! I couldn’t bare to sit under my LED stitching lamp in that heat.

Funky Owl kit from Cross Stitcher

I like this kit and made a bit of progress this week, but it was so hot the soluble plastic canvas was weakening in my hands cause I was sweating so much. Yay.

Yellow-faced Angelfish

Now this really is stitching from stash. I bought three in this set in… 2006? I stitched the second one in 2008(?) and the first one before that. When I finish this one I’m going to turn them into a wall hanging.

And finally…

Mystery stitch! This one is a secret. 😛

So for Stitch From Stash I’ve started two projects from stash and stitched on three WIPs. Not bad at all.

How’s everyone else coping with the heat/cold?



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2 responses to “Stitch from Stash January

  1. Those are all great starts. Well done on not spending this month. I love the felt owl, it’s so cute.

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