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It’s a full moon!

I finished the first page of my first ever HAED. I feel like such a stitching master (even though I’m no such thing. :P)

I’m blown away by how the colours are used. Black + grey + brown = windowframe, but then the same combo of colours is a cloud! And then the sky! Until now I’ve never understood why people were so impressed with the charting of HAEDs. And now I totally get it.

I’m so looking forward to starting page two (which will in fact be page five, as I’m working downwards).

Anyone else had some HAED successes this year? 



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I see a bad moon rising

I have a secret to confess.. I have started stitching a Heaven and Earth Design! I was going to wait until next year to start, but I just couldn’t hold off any longer. And I’m glad I didn’t, as it’s been such a joy to stitch. Here’s my progress after two weeks:


My, you might say, that’s a lot of progress! That’s because this is a Mini, not a full HAED chart. 😛 Here’s the design.

There’s been lots of solid blocks of colour so far, especially with the black. I’m finding I actually enjoy the more confetti-style stitches though, which is something I wouldn’t have guessed.

I plan to have this beautiful piece on my frame until the end of January, so look out for more progress shots!

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