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Ducks don’t need satellites

In an attempt to get my stitching mojo back I spent some time finishing off projects. I made up four in total, but this is the one that I really wanted done so I could hopefully get out of my stitching slump. My own design, Ducks Don’t Need Satellites.


It’s inspired by this song, which I really like:

I’ll let you know if finishing off this one has gotten me out of a stitching slump. 🙂


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Stitching slump

I’ve hit a stitching slump, and I don’t like it. 😦 I’ve been stitching on my own design as it’s one of my December goals to finish it this month. But I just don’t find stitching on my own design as relaxing as stitching someone else’s. While I’m stitching my brain is going ‘should that be there, I think this might be in the wrong place, that wasn’t positioned very well, maybe you should add this…’. It’s quite frustrating! Not the zen-like stitching experience I’m used to.

I tried to suck it up and finish the design, but now I’m just feeling flat. Sigh…

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