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It’s a full moon! (Again!)

Haha! Here’s my first WIPocalypse post for 2014. I’m only working on four WIPs for this challenge, but I managed to stitch on two of them this month.

As I mentioned in my last post I finished by first page on The Witching Hour HAED. So great progress there.

I also put a bit of time in on The Lookout.


I’ve made really good progress on these guys too, stitching the half a ‘kat you can see on the right. I started using a stitching lamp/magnifier/chart holder when I was working on my HAED and now I can’t seem to stitch without it! Combine that with my new ‘no turning’ method for starting and ending threads and my needle now zooms along. I’m so chuffed with how The Lookout is going. My half-hearted goal of finishing it this year seems almost possible.

Now for the WIPocalypse introduction. I’ve already outlined my projects here. As you can see I tend to stitch realistic animal patterns; it’s something I just adore. I also enjoy stitching smalls like ornaments, biscornus, scissor fobs… But my real love is animals. 🙂

I stitch on both Aida and evenweave, but can’t stand linen. I love opalescent and hand dyed fabric and thread.

My goals for this year are

  • finish The Lookout
  • get some nice progress done on The Witching Hour
  • finish a page of Autumn Dragon
  • potentially finish Northwind Owl.

I’m ahead of the curve here (damn you Australia and your proximity to the international date line) and I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone else’s WIPocalypse posts. 🙂



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It’s a full moon!

I finished the first page of my first ever HAED. I feel like such a stitching master (even though I’m no such thing. :P)

I’m blown away by how the colours are used. Black + grey + brown = windowframe, but then the same combo of colours is a cloud! And then the sky! Until now I’ve never understood why people were so impressed with the charting of HAEDs. And now I totally get it.

I’m so looking forward to starting page two (which will in fact be page five, as I’m working downwards).

Anyone else had some HAED successes this year? 


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WIPocalypse 2014

This is my list of WIPs for 2014, all of which will be part of my WIPocalypse challenge. I always feel like I have many, may WIPs but then I see some people’s lists and my jaw drops. How do you keep track of 50 odd WIPs? I struggle with more than five.

The WIPs
The Lookout – Jayne Netley Mayhew
Started April 2008 – 60% complete
I’ve been working on this stitch most years since I started it, five years ago (*gulp*). It’s lovely to stitch and I adore the fabric. I just had a heavy frogging session this year and it dampened my enthusiasm. But I’m determined to make progress on this in 2014.

Autumn Dragon – Patricia Allison
Started 2010? – 30% complete
This is the most difficult stitch I’m working on. Blending and metallics and beads, oh my! I really love the design though. It’s just a slow, slow plod.

Northwind Owl – Dimensions
Started 2012 – 50% complete
A lovely design, lots of half cross stitch which makes it easy. The rest of the design is mainly background, so this should progress fast once I give it some love.

The Witching Hour – Heaven and Earth Designs
Started December 2013 – 5% complete
A recent start and the stitch currently in my frame. I love it! Absolutely adore stitching this and I’m going to be a little heartbroken when it rotates off my frame at the end of January. I’m making good progress and should see this done in a few years.


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I see a bad moon rising

I have a secret to confess.. I have started stitching a Heaven and Earth Design! I was going to wait until next year to start, but I just couldn’t hold off any longer. And I’m glad I didn’t, as it’s been such a joy to stitch. Here’s my progress after two weeks:


My, you might say, that’s a lot of progress! That’s because this is a Mini, not a full HAED chart. 😛 Here’s the design.

There’s been lots of solid blocks of colour so far, especially with the black. I’m finding I actually enjoy the more confetti-style stitches though, which is something I wouldn’t have guessed.

I plan to have this beautiful piece on my frame until the end of January, so look out for more progress shots!

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With the birds

With the birds

You might have gathered that I’m a bit of a bird fan (but not a twitcher!). At the moment I’m stitching this Brittercup design ‘Feather Friends’.

I really love the colours, they’re so bright and vibrant, just like a real cockatoo.


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